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"FabTrol Rev just placed the final nail in the coffin of spreadsheet drawing logs. FabTrol Rev will do to spreadsheet drawing logs what cell phones did to pay phones!"

Kent Wilson
General Manager
S&S Steel Fabrication

FabTrol Rev Software

Trying to manage your drawings with complicated folder structures and spreadsheets? Or are you using generic document management software not specifically designed for one-off construction projects with constant revisions? Learn how FabTrol Rev software can eliminate the common problems associated with drawing and document management in fabrication and construction project environments.

Why use specialized software?

Construction projects inherently have unique document management challenges. Most projects are one-off designs from customer specifications, involve the management of multiple types of drawings, and are prone to design changes. Sometimes revisions occur during fabrication or even after installation on site. In construction and fabrication, it is imperative to properly manage project specifications, drawings, drawing revisions, RFIs, and more. FabTrol Rev software makes it easy and uncomplicated.

FabTrol Rev is ideal for the following industries:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Structural precast concrete
  • Steel, precast concrete, and other construction detailing
  • Architects and engineers

Discover how FabTrol Rev can help keep your projects on track and eliminate your document management challenges.